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March 2018

EO education workshop

15. March 2018, Frascati, Italy

Participants: Robert Eckhardt, Carsten Pathe, Jonas Eberle


EO College(

Echoes in space (

Picture: Participants from DLR, ESA and FSU at the workshop in ESA ESRIN


February 2018

January 2018

Annual Earth Observation Retreat

10. - 11. January 2018, Positz, Germany

Participants: Department for Earth Observation

Agenda: 2017 Review, 2018 Outlook

Picture: Working Group of the Department for Earth Observation


EO4GEO Kick-Off

16. - 17. January 2018, Mailand, Italy

Participants: Robert Eckardt, Carsten Pathe

Agenda: Kick-Off


SWOS Training Workshop

16. - 17. January 2018, Munich, Germany

Participants: Jonas Eberle, John Truckenbrodt

Agenda: teaching


24th K&C Science Team Meeting

29. - 31. January 2018, Tokyo, Japan

Participants: Mikhail Urbazaev

Agenda: presentation

KC24 group photo