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November 2018

October 2018

ForestSAT 2018

01. - 05. October 2018, Washington D.C., USA

Participants: Kai Heckel

Agenda: Presentation


Video Production for advanced Radar Course

28. - 30. October 2018, Edinburgh, Scotland

Participants: Robert Eckardt

Agenda: Shooting videos for "Understanding Radar backscatter" with Prof. Ian Woodhouse


September 2018

Research visit at the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (Warsaw, Poland) within the Biomass Estimation Knowledge Structure Project (BioFor)

13. - 27. September 2018, Warsawa and Lodz, Poland

Participants: Martyna Stelmaszczuk-Górska

Agenda: Research visit / Presentation at the XXIII National Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Conference

Picture: Martyna Stelmaszczuk-Górska presenting the EO College

Konferenz in Lodz

August 2018

July 2018

International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS 2018

22. - 27. July 2018, Valencia, Spain

Participants: Martyna Stelmaszczuk-Górska, Christian Berger, Mikhail Urbazaev

Agenda: Workshop: FSU participants together with Mustafa Üstüner (on the left hand side) the Guest Researcher at FSU Jena and the first GRSS Social Media Ambassador


June 2018

Biomass Estimation Knowledge Structure (BioFor) Workshop and Project Meeting

07. - 08. June 2018, Warsawa, Poland

Participants: Christiane Schmullius, Martyna Stelmaszczuk-Górska

Agenda: Workshop: "New technologies for forestry", Presentations


Biomass Estimation Knowledge Structure (BioFor) Research visit at the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography

05. - 15. June 2018, Warsawa & Torun, Poland

Participants: Martyna Stelmaszczuk-Górska

Agenda: Research Visit


2. Sitzung des Projektbeirates im Rahmen des Schwarzwild-Forschungsprojekt am

20. June 2018, Bad Langensalza, Germany

Participants: Christiane Schmullius, Carsten Pathe

Agenda: Presentation "Erfassung von Schäden durch Schwarzwild auf landwirtschaftlichen Kulturflächen - Projektvorstellung"

Symposium "Neue Perspektiven der Erdbeobachtung"

25. - 27. June 2018, Cologne, Germany

Participants: Martyna Stelmaszczuk-Górska, Carsten Pathe, Felix Cremer, Mikhail Urbazaev, Robert Eckardt

Agenda: Presentations

May 2018

GEOGLAM/RAPP and Africa Regional Data Cube

06. - 11. May 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

Participants: Victor Odipo


Rangeland and Pasture Productivity (RAPP) and Data Cube

Collaborative Research in Horizon 2020. Promoting German-Polish Cooperation in EU Research Funding

24. - 25. May 2018, Frankfurt (Oder) / Słubice, Germany / Poland

Participants: Martyna Stelmaszczuk-Górska

Agenda: Discussing future collaborative EU Research funding opportunities with the aim of fostering German-Polish cooperation

  Picture: Sign at the German-Polish border
   Sign at the border

"EO4GEO workshop on demand for skills in the EO/GI sector" and the EO4GEO Project Meeting

30. May - 01. June 2018, Castello de la Plan, Spain

Participants:Martyna Stelmaszczuk-Górska

Agenda: Discussing and preparing the future space/geospatial sectors skills strategy

Project: Logo of the project

April 2018

March 2018

EO education workshop

15. March 2018, Frascati, Italy

Participants: Robert Eckhardt, Carsten Pathe, Jonas Eberle


EO College(

Echoes in space (

Picture: Participants from DLR, ESA and FSU at the workshop in ESA ESRIN


February 2018

January 2018

Annual Earth Observation Retreat

10. - 11. January 2018, Positz, Germany

Participants: Department for Earth Observation

Agenda: 2017 Review, 2018 Outlook

Picture: Working Group of the Department for Earth Observation


EO4GEO Kick-Off

16. - 17. January 2018, Mailand, Italy

Participants: Robert Eckardt, Carsten Pathe

Agenda: Kick-Off


SWOS Training Workshop

16. - 17. January 2018, Munich, Germany

Participants: Jonas Eberle, John Truckenbrodt

Agenda: teaching


24th K&C Science Team Meeting

29. - 31. January 2018, Tokyo, Japan

Participants: Mikhail Urbazaev

Agenda: presentation

KC24 group photo