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Helene Petschko

wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Helene Petschko


Institut für Geographie
Department of GISsience Group
Room 133
Grietgasse 6
07743 Jena

Phone: +49 3641-9-48981
Fax: +49 3641-9-48852
office hours:
MI 16-18 Uhr

Dr. Helene Petschko

Research and teaching associate

As a geomorphologist with strong geomatics interests I like to combine my knowledge on the geomorphological processes, their nature and relationships with the environment (geology, climate, land use), with my geospatial analysis skills. My key research areas include mapping on high resolution digital elevation models and orthophotos, and spatial statistical analysis within GIS using open source platforms. I am performing applied research, focusing on natural hazards and ways of their avoidance, e.g. by providing susceptibility maps for communities. Additionally, my research interests span to research on landslide event inventory mapping using UAVs and the nature, history and evolution of human impact on geomorphological processes, such as erosion or landslides and possible ways of assessing these impacts spatially.


Teaching is for me an important interface from theory to research and likewise from students to academics. Room for discussions and questions during a class is often the starting point for a fruitful exchange of ideas between students and academics. As a teacher I enjoy to introduce the subject by always taking into account the current state of the art. With my teaching, I share my passion for the subject geomorphology and geomatics in lively, stimulating and challenging (field) classes. Similarly, it is important for me to continuously reflect on my teaching effectiveness, to improve my course material and learn about new teaching methodologies.
Currently my teaching is focusing on principles of geomatics for bachelor students (course Geomatics I - GEO 211) and prospective highschool teachers (course Geomethods II - GEO 445).

Key research areas

  • Mapping and monitoring of geomorphological processes with high resolution remote sensing imagery (e.g. landslide event inventory mapping using UAVs)
  • Natural hazard analysis
  • Geostatistical and geospatial modeling techniques
  • Modelling and designing landslide susceptibility maps for land use planning

Curriculum vitae

since 10/2014

Research assistant and lecturer, GI Science research group, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
12/201   Received the Hans Bobek Award 2014 of the Austrian Geographical Society for her PhD dissertation
06/2009 - 07/2014

PhD Study of Natural Sciences, Geography at the University of Vienna

Thesis title: Challenges and solutions of modelling landslide susceptibility in heterogeneous regions - preparing maps for spatial planning in Lower Austria Research and project assistant
    Project MoNOE - Method development for landslide susceptibility modeling in Lower Austria
Funded by the Provincial Government of Lower Austria.
03/2013 - 08/2013
03/2012 - 08/2012
03/2010 - 08/2011
03/2009 - 08/2009

Lecturer at the University of Vienna
• Field class in Physical Geography (undergraduate)
• Field trip on landslides in Lower Austria (undergraduate and graduate)
• Project seminar in Physical Geography (graduate)
• Lecture with lab on modelling in Physical Geography -Geomorphological Analysis with GIS (graduate)
• Field methods in physical geography - landslide surface and subsurface investigation (undergraduate and graduate)


01/2009 - 05/2009   Project assistant, Project DigiNOE - Digitizing and data backup of the "Landslide Event and Damage Archive" of the Geological Survey of Lower Austria
10/2002 - 11/2008   Graduate Study of Theoretical and Applied Geography, Specialization: Applied Geomorphology, Geographical Information and Visualization,
and Global Environmental Change
    Thesis title: Spatial prediction of landslide susceptibility - a case study in the region Gasen/Haslau in Eastern Styria, Austria (in German)

Service to the discipline and Academic/Professional Society Membership and Offices

  • Chair, Austrian research group for geomorphology and global environmental change (; elected September 2012, in office since January 2013)
  • Refereeing activities for the journals Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS), Natural Hazards (NHAZ)
  • Member of the Austrian Association of Geographers (ÖGG; 2008 - present)
  • European Geosciences Union (EGU; 2010 - present)

Selected Publications

Petschko H., Bell R. & Glade T. (2015). Effectiveness of visually analyzing LiDAR DTM derivatives for earth and debris slide inventory mapping for statistical susceptibility modeling, Landslides, DOI 10.1007/s10346-015-0622-1

Petschko, H.
, Brenning, A., Bell, R., Goetz, J., & T. Glade. (2014). Assessing the quality of landslide susceptibility maps - case study Lower Austria, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 14, 95-118, doi:10.5194/nhess-14-95-2014.

Petschko, H., Bell R, Glade T. (2014). Relative Age Estimation at Landslide Mapping on LiDAR Derivatives: Revealing the Applicability of Land Cover Data in Statistical Susceptibility Modelling. In: Sassa K, Canuti P, Yin Y (Eds.) Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment. Springer International Publishing, pp 337-343.

Petschko, H., Bell, R., Leopold, P., Heiss, G. & Glade, T.. (2013). Landslide inventories for reliable susceptibility maps. In: C. Margottini, P. Canuti, & K. Sassa, p. (Eds.), Landslide Science and Practice, vol. 1: Landslide Inventory and Susceptibility and Hazard Zoning, Springer.

Bell, R., Petschko, H., Röhrs, M. & A. Dix. (2012). Assessment of landslide age, landslide persistence and human impact using airborne laser scanning digital terrain models, Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography, 94(1), pp.135-156.

Petschko, H., Bell, R., A. Brenning, & T. Glade. (2012). Landslide susceptibility modeling with generalized additive models - facing the heterogeneity of large regions. In: Eberhardt E., Froese C., Turner A.K., and Leroueil S. (Eds.), Landslides and Engineered Slopes, Protecting Society through Improved Understanding, Taylor & Francis, Banff, Alberta, Canada, pp. 769-777.


Dr. Helene Petschko
Research and teaching associate

Visiting address

Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik
Room 133
Grietgasse 6
07743 Jena

Postal address

Institut für Geographie
Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik
Löbdergraben 32
07737 Jena

Phone:  +49-3641-9-48881
Fax.: +49-3641-9-48852
Office hours
Wed. 4-6 pm