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Juliana Santos

Juliana Santos


Institut für Geographie
Department of GISsience Group
Room 124
Grietgasse 6
07743 Jena

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Juliana Santos

Research assistant

I have graduated in Environmental Engineering by the University of Aveiro in 2008, but began my research career in eco-hydrological modelling only 2 years after. In the meantime, I did an internship in a Consulting Company, in Italy.
Thereby, from 2010 to mid-2014, I have worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Aveiro in different research projects, doing regular collection and analysis of field data, maintenance of equipment in the study area and eco-hydrological modeling. The main goal was to study the climate and landuse change impacts on hydrological processes, vegetation growth, soil cover and soil erosion in small forested and agro-forested catchments in Portugal. To study this issue I have applied the SWAT eco-hydrological model.
Since June 2014, I am a PhD student at FSU-Jena, working as a Research Assistant in the INTECRAL Project. The PhD has as main goal the water and solute transport modelling and web-based decision support for integrated land and water resources management (ILWRM) of a Brazilian watershed in the state of Rio de Janeiro. To achieve this goal, the main task is the implementation of phosphorus and sediment transport routines within the JAMS modeling framework and application to a Brazilian watershed within the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Key research areas

  • Hydrological and soil erosion processes - spatial and temporal scales, numerical modelling
  • GIS
  • Climate change impacts on watershed processes

Current Project

Curriculum vitae

since 06/2014

Research Assistant in the Project: INTECRAL ( at Department of Geoinformatics at FSU-Jena.
09/2010 - 05/2014

Research Assistant at CESAM, University of Aveiro
  • Project HIDRIA - A multi-stage approach for addressing input data uncertainties in process-based rainfall-runoff modelling for small forested catchments upstream of the Ria de Aveiro
  • Project ERLAND - Direct and indirect impacts of climate change on soil erosion and land degradation in Mediterranean watersheds. (
  • Impact of Mediterranean forestry practices on soil hydrological properties: measurement and modelling (
08/2009 - 08/2010

Coworker at GECOsistema - Geographic Environmental Consulting, Italy
02/2009 - 07/2009
Internship - "Leonardo da Vinci" at GECOsistema - Geographic Environmental Consulting in Cesena, Italy: Development of a project for the construction of a mini hydropower plant in Northern Italy.
09/2006 - 12/2008

Master Degree in Environmental Engineering in the University of Aveiro, Portugal
    Master thesis title: "Study of the relationship between the flow and some parameters of water quality in the Middle Vouga Basin"
10/2003 - 7/2006   Degree in Environmental Engineering in the University of Aveiro, Portugal

Selected Publications

Paper in international scientific periodical with referees:

Santos, J.M., Verheijen, F.G.A., Tavares Wahren, F., Wahren, A., Feger, K.H., Bernard-Jannin, L., Rial-Rivas, M.E., Keizer, J.J. & Nunes, J.P. (2013). Soil water repellency dynamics in Pine and Eucalypt plantations in Portugal - a high-resolution time series. Land Degradation & Development, DOI: 10.1002/ldr.2251

Oral communications:

Santos, J.M., Nunes, J.P., Bernard-Jannin, L., Gonzalez Pelayo, O. & Keizer, J.J. (2014). Impacts of the post-fire erosion processes compared with the agricultural erosion rates for a mountain catchment in NW Iberia. Geophysical Research Abstracts 16: EGU2014-8255: proceedings of the EGU 2014 General Assembly, 27 April-2 May 2014, Vienna.

Santos, J.M., Lima, J., Moreira, M., Sampaio, E. & Nunes, J.P. (2013). Using SWAT to understand the eco-hydrological response to droughts of a dry Mediterranean agro-forested catchment, southern Portugal. SWAT Conference & Workshops. 15-19 July, Toulouse, France.

Posters in conferences:

Santos, J.M., Nunes, J.P., Sampaio, E., Moreira, M., Lima, J., Jacinto, R. & Corte-Real, J. (2014). Climate and Landuse Change Impacts on hydrological processes and soil erosion in a dry Mediterranean agro-forested catchment, southern Portugal. Geophysical Research Abstracts 16: EGU2014-730: proceedings of the EGU 2014 General Assembly, 27 April - 2 May 2014, Vienna.

Santos, J.M., Van Beersum, S., Van Hall, I., Bernard-Jannin, L., Rial-Rivas, M.E., Nunes, J.P. & Campos, I., Keizer, J.J. (2012). Soil properties in different types of Eucalypt Plantations in a small forested watershed, north-central Portugal. EGU 2012 General Assembly. 22 - 27 April 2012, Vienna, Austria.

Santos, J.M., Rial-Rivas, M.E., van Beersum, S., van Hall, I., Gosch, L., Wahren, F.T., Wahren, A., Bernard-Jannin, L., Nunes, J.P. & Keizer, J.J. (2012). Improving SWAT model soil parameterization in a small forested catchment in North-Central Portugal. 14th Biennal ERB Conference. Studies of Hydrological Processes in Research Basins: Current Challenges and Prospects. 17-20 September, 2012 , St.Petersburg , Russia.

M.Sc. Juliana Santos
Research assistant

Visiting address

Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik
Room 124
Grietgasse 6
07743 Jena

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Institut für Geographie
Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik
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07737 Jena

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