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Annika Künne

wiss. Mitarbeiterin
Annika Künne


Institut für Geographie
Department of GISsience Group
Room 124
Grietgasse 6
07743 Jena

Phone: +49 3641-9-48858
Fax: +49 3641-9-48852
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Annika Künne

Research assistant

As a research assistant of the GI Science Group my responsibilities ranges from project work to teaching within the bachelor study program.
My main interests are development and application of hydrological and water quality models. Hereby my research focus is the design of measures for environmental management as well as adaptation strategies, which consider changing land use and climate conditions, especially at the study site in Brazil where I am working since 2009. Currently I am working within the BMBF funded Project Integrated Eco Technologies and Services for a Sustainable Rural Rio de Janeiro (INTECRAL).
Besides, I am doing my PhD in the field of hydrological modeling within a meso-scaled river basin at the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Therefore, a hydro-climatic monitoring network was implemented, data collected and modelled.

Key research areas

  • Water and substance modeling and simulation of scenarios
  • Regionalization of meso-scale model results to large-scale regions
  • Hydrological processes in tropical regions
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of hydrological monitoring networks

Current Project

Curriculum vitae

since 01/2013

Research assistant and lecturer at the department of Geoinformatics Jena
07/2009 - 06/2012
Research assistant at the Institute for Technology und Resources management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences
04/2003 - 11/2007
Graduate Study of Geography (Diplom) at the Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena

Thesis: "Development of a geo-statistical Method to regionalize the modelled water and substance output from representative catchments to landscape types of the state Thuringia (Germany)"

Selected Publications

Künne, A. Fink, M., Kipka H., Krause P. & Flügel, W.-A. (2012). Regionalization of meso-scale physically based nitrogen modeling outputs to the macro-scale by the use of regression trees. In: Proceedings of the 14th Workshop on Large-scale Hydrological Modelling. Editor(s): R. Ludwig, K. Schulz, and M. Disse. Adv. Geosci., Vol. 31, 15-21, 2012.
Penedo S., Künne, A., Bardy Prado R., Schuler A., Roehrig, J. & Ribbe L. (2011). Implementation of a Hydro-climatic monitoring network in the Guapi-Macacu river basin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ribeiro de Paiva, M. H., Penedo, S., Künne, A., Bardy Prado, R. & Schuler, A. E. (2011). Qualidade da Agua e Exportacao de Sedimentos em Sub-Bacias dos Rios Guapi-Macacu - Bioma Mata Atlantica - RJ. Congreso Brasileiro de Ciencia do Solo.

Krause, P., Bende-Michl, U., Helmschrot, J., Künne, A. & Fink, M. (2009). Parameter sensitivity analysis of the J2000s model to improve water and nutrient transport process simulation - a case study for the Duck catchment in Tasmania", in 'MODSIM 2009 International Congress on Modeling and Simulation'.


Dipl. Geogr. Annika Künne
Research assistant

Visiting address

Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik
Raum 124
Grietgasse 6
07743 Jena

Postal address

Institut für Geographie
Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik
Löbdergraben 32
07737 Jena

Phone.:  +49-3641-9-48858
Fax.: +49-3641-9-48852
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