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Sören Hese

Akademischer Rat
Privatdozent Dr.
Sören Hese


Institut für Geographie
Lehrstuhl Fernerkundung
Raum 228 A
Grietgasse 6
07743 Jena

Tel.: +49 3641-9-48873
Fax: +49 3641-9-48882

PD Dr. Sören Hese


PD Dr. rer. nat. habil.
Head of the VHR Section
University Lecturer

Office hours:  open door policy

Teaching /Lectures

BSc Geography:

  • GEO143 Kartographie II / GIS (BSc, SS) (Klausur SS17)
  • GEO143-Ü Übungen zur Digitalen Kartographie II, ArcGIS/ArcMap software (BSc, SS)
  • GEO212 Fernerkundung I (digital image processing) (BSc, WS) (Klausurergebnisse WS1718)
  • GEO212-Ü Übungen zu Fernerkundung I, PCI Geomatica EASI/PACE/Modeller; ENVI/IDL software (BSc, WS)
  • GEO214 Fernerkundung II, based on PCI EASI/PACE & ENVI/IDL and eCognition (Klausurergebnisse SS16 // Gesamtergebnisse SS16) (BSc, SS, 5 LP)

MSc Geoinformatics:

  • GEO402 Land Surface Parameter (MSc, WS),
  • GEO409 Data Exploration, Advanced Object-based Image Analysis (MSc, WS, 10 LP)
    • Seminar with software presentation (eCognition/R/GRASS/QGIS) and paper discussions,
    • "Hands-On" exercises/project work based on eCognition 9 Software,
    • Evaluation results for the seminar and the exercises
  • GEO412 Integrated Geoinformatics Seminar
  • Lecturing for the "Max Planck Research School" (IMPRS) (data package / PDF )

More Information is available on the following pages: MSc Geoinformatik Website


  • Object-based and graph-centric urban landuse and structure mapping in spatial high resolution Earth observation data.
  • UAV based archaeological 3D surface analysis applications in cooperation with the Department of Pre- and Ancient History (Gleisberg).
  • Octocopter (GeoConcept X8000) piloting and project operation,
  • Quadrocopter (Phantom 4 Pro) flight planning and 3D point cloud analysis for surface change and crown structure analysis (JCL),
  • ASDI FieldSpec3 based field and lab spectrometer measurements,
  • Field DGPS measurements using a GNSS STONEX S9III receiver,


Google Scholar:



Abb.: Laubwaldbestand in einer 3D Punktwolke basierend auf Phantom 3A Bilddaten und Agisoft Datenprozessierungs Workflow.

Finished Projects

  • SIBERIA-II: (Multisensor Concepts for Greenhouse Gas Accounting in Northern Eurasia)(2002-2004), international project consortium co-financed by EU FP5.
  • CARBON-3D: (national EO mission concept) for global 3-dimensional mapping of biomass in cooperation with Jena Optronik, University of Wales (UK), University of Maryland (California)(2004)
  • NORTH: (FP6 proposal) observatories of change in northern Eurasia and Northern America (2005),
  • OSCaR (OilSpill Contamination Mapping in Russia)  (OBIA 2006 Poster) 2006,
  • FIRESCAR (high resolution firescar object mapping in Siberia) 2007,
  • SIB-ESS-C (Siberian Earth System Science Cluster) (since 2006),
  • AGRISAR HyMAP field campaign (2006),
  • ENVILAND-2: Synergistic usage of SAR and optical data , in cooperation with University Bonn, Jena Optronik, TU Ilmenau et al. (2008-2010)
  • Bark Beetle Forest Damage Mapping, spectral analysis and hyperspectral mapping: n cooperation with "Thüringer Ministerium für Landwirtschaft, Naturschutz und Umwelt" as part of the airborne HyMAP HyEurope 2008 campaign.
  • ESAs Data User Element Permafrost (DUE-PF): panarctic vegetation and thermokarst lake change mapping with VHR data (2009-2011), in cooperation with AWI Potsdam, IPF University Wien, GAMMA Remote Sensing (Switzerland) and University of Waterloo (Canada) - financed by ESA.
  • RESA Rapideye Science Archive Project for the DUE PF Project: Project 275 "High Resolution Water Body and Vegetation Mapping for Permafrost Degradation Modelling as Part of ESAs DUE Permafrost Project" (2009-2011).
  • Urban Growth Modelling in Brasilia using the SLEUTH cellular growth model: in cooperation with UFZ Leipzig (2009).
  • Jena Earth science Spectrometer Laboratory project and spectra database setup with SPECCIO (2010).
  • Post-Graduate Programme "Image Analysis, Interpretation and Recognition" - co-funded by the  Thuringian "ProExzellenz" Initiative in cooperation with TU Ilmenau, and Fraunhofer IOF Jena (2009-2013). Mapping of urban landuse structure in multisensor high resolution Earth observation data.

Committee and Board Memberships:

  • Fakultätsratsmitglied (2010-2013)

  • BSc Geographie Prüfungsausschuss 

  • MSc Geoinformatik Prüfungsausschuss 

  • MSc Geoinformatik Studienberatung 

  • Zulassungskommission MSc Geoinformatik

  • OPSIS Science Coach

Curriculum vitae


Working Notes (PDF download)

Important EO Related Software Websites:

  • PCI Geomatica:
  • GRASS:
  • VICAR:
  • GAMMA:
  • eCognition:
  • GSTAT:
  • GMT:
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  • ATCOR:
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