Institute of Geography
Soil Science
Prof. Dr. Beate Michalzik
Illustration Titelblatt CHOICES Sep 1994
Didactics of Geography
Prof. Dr. Mirka Dickel
Forested areas of Thuringia - damage categories derived from Sentinel-2  summer 2018 vers summer 2019 (orange & red colors indicate deforested areas)
Earth Observation
Prof. Dr. Christiane Schmullius
GIScience group
Prof. Dr. Alexander Brenning
field work
Physical Geography
Prof. Dr. Roland Zech
The Ultimate Painting
Social Geography
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Simon Runkel
öconomic geography
Economic Geography
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Henn
UNESCO Chair on Global Understanding for Sustainability / Seniorp
Nachhaltigkeit und Nachhaltigkeitspolitik gehören zu den ...