Teaching /Lectures

PD Dr. Sören Hese

BSc Geography:

  • GEOG146 Geoinformationssysteme (BSc, SS, 5 LP)
  • GEOG146 Ü Übungen zu Geoinformationssysteme, ArcGIS/ArcMap software (BSc, SS) (Klausurergebnisse SS2019 PDF [pdf, 55 kb] de)
  • GEOG212 Angewandte Bildverarbeitung (BSc, WS, 5 LP) (Klausurergebnisse 2018/2019 PDF [pdf, 70 kb] de)
  • GEOG212-Ü Übungen zur Angewandten Bildverarbeitung, PCI Geomatica EASI/PACE/Modeller; ENVI/IDL software (BSc, WS)
  • GEOG214 Fortgeschrittene Methoden der Bildverarbeitung, PCI Python, ATCOR, ENVI/IDL and eCognition (BSc, SS, 5 LP)

MSc Geoinformatics:

  • GEO402 Land Surface Parameter (MSc, WS, 10 LP)
  • GEO409 Data Exploration, Advanced Object-based Image Analysis (MSc, WS, 10 LP)
    • Seminar with software presentation (eCognition/R/GRASS/QGIS, lastools, Agisoft Metashape) and paper discussions
    • Image processing project work based on eCognition 9 Software
    • UAV flight campaign planning & data analysis
  • GEO412 Integrated Geoinformatics Seminar
  • Lecturing for the "Max Planck Research School" (IMPRS)

More Information is available on the following pages: MSc Geoinformatik Website

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