Selected Publications / Ausgewählte Publikationen

Miga Magenika Julian
  • Julian, M.M., Brenning, A., Kralisch, S., Fink, M. (2019). Modelling of Hydrological Responses in the Upper Citarum Basin based on the Spatial Plan of West Java Province 2029 and Climate Change. International Journal of Technology, 10(5), 866-875.

  • Ismail, I., Putri, G.K., Jannah, R.H., Hantoro, R., Nugroho, G., Wahyuono, R.A., Julian, M.M., Kurniawan, A. (2019). Grid-connected and off-grid solar PV system design using long-term climatological data and techno-economic analysis for ecological conservation. AIP Conference Proceedings 2088, 030017.

  • Wahyuono, R.A., Julian, M.M. (2018). Revisiting Renewable Energy Map in Indonesia: Seasonal Hydro and Solar Energy Potential for Rural Off-Grid Electrification (Provincial Level). MATEC Web of Conferences 164.

  • Poerbandono, Julian, M.M., Ward, P.J. (2014). Assessment of the effects of climate and land cover changes on river discharge and sediment yield, and an adaptive spatial planning in the Jakarta region. Natural Hazards Sept. 2014, Vol. 3, Issue 2, pp 507-530.
  • Poerbandono, Harto, A.B., Julian, M.M. (2014). Spatial Decision Assistance of Watershed Sedimentation (SDAS): Development and application. J. Eng. Technol. Sci., Vol. 46, No. 1, 37-57.
  • Julian, M.M., Fink, M., Fischer, C., Krause, P., Flügel, W.-A. (2013). Implementation of J2000 Hydrological Model in the Western Part of Java Island, Indonesia. JMAS Vol. 1 Issue 1, 1-25.
  • Julian, M.M., Nishio, F., Poerbandono, Ward, P.J. (2011). Simulation of River Discharges in Major Watersheds of North-Western Java from 1901 to 2006. Intl. J. of Tech. 2011 Vol. 2 Issue 1, 37-46.
  • Julian, M.M., Nishio, F., Poerbandono, Ward, P.J. (2010). Effects of Land Use Planning in Perpres 542008 on River Discharges. INOVASI Vol. 18 (XXII), 44-47.
  • Poerbandono, Ward, P.J., Julian, M.M. (2009). Set up and calibration of a spatial tool for simulating latest decades flow discharge of western Java: Preliminary result and assessments. ITB J. Eng. Sci. Vol. 41, No. 1, 50-64.
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