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am Lehrstuhl für Fernerkundung
AQUIFER Water in Africa - Earth Observation in Support for Transboundary Aquifer Management
Bark Beetle Forest Damage Mapping Bark Beetle Forest Damage Mapping, spectral analysis and hyperspectral mapping: n cooperation with "Thüringer Ministerium für Landwirtschaft, Naturschutz und Umwelt" as part of the airborne HyMAP HyEurope 2008 campaign.
ENVILAND Envisat Nutzungsvorhaben Landoberfläche
ENVILAND II Radar- and optical satellite data for ENVIronment and LAND use applications
EO-LDAS ESA STSE EO Land Data Assimilation Scheme
ESA DUE Permafrost Data User Element Permafrost
EuRuCAS European-Russian Centre for cooperation in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic environmental and climate research - EuRuCAS
FEMINE Forest Ecosystem Monitoring in Northern Eurasia
FIRESCAR High Resolution Firescar mapping in Siberia
ForestBiomass A new German research project on RS-based forest biomass retrieval
Forest Dragon The Dragon programme focuses on science and applications development in P.R. China using mainly data from ERS and Envisat missions
Forest DRAGON 2 The Dragon programme focuses on science and applications development in P.R. China using mainly data from ERS and Envisat missions
Forest DRAGON 3 The Dragon programme focuses on science and applications development in P.R. China using mainly data from ERS and Envisat missions
FRA SAR 2010 Forest Resources Assessment SAR 2010
FRA SAR II Forest Resources Assessment SAR Phase II
GIONET GMES Initial Operations - Network for Earth Observation Research Training, PRO Exzellenz Initiative
GMES-Russia Establishing a Thematic Network in Russia fo GMES Assessment Activities
Radar-Cover Projekt-Homepage GMES / Sentinel-1: Analysis of Multi-Temporal Land Observation at C-Band
Graduate School on Image Processing and Image Interpretation Graduierten Kolleg Bildverarbeitung - Neue Ansätze für die urbane Strukturanalyse in hochaufgelösten Satellitendaten, PRO Exzellenz Initiative
GSE - FM Russia GMES Service Element Forest Monitoring in Russia (Stage 1)
GSE FM 2 GMES Service Element Forest Monitoring in Russia (Stage 2)
GOFC-GOLD LC PO Global Observation for Forest and Land Cover Dynamics
IMPRS for Global Biogeochemical Cycles Development of a robust methodology to support the assessment of carbon stocks and to monitor carbon changes along a Savannah to-rainforest transect in Mexico using in situ measurements and remote sensing data
Influins Integrierte Fluiddynamik in Sedimentbecken: Prozesse, Potenziale, Risiken
INTAS Establishing a Regional System for Ecological Monitoring
IRIS Irkutsk Regional Information System for Enviromental Protection
IRON CURTAIN Innovative models and critical key factors for sustainable development
K & C ALOS Kyoto & Carbon Initiative
KULUNDA KULUNDA - Ökologische und Ökonomische Strategien zur nachhaltigen Landnutzung in Russischen Steppen: Ein Beitrag zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel
LC-CCI Land Cover Climate Change Initiative
LUCCi Land Use and Climate Change interactions in the Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin/Central Vietnam
OSCaR OilSpill Contamination Mapping in Russia.
ParaPOL-Wald Retrieval of forest parameters from polarimetric SAR (synthetic aperture radar) data
Phymo Parameterisation of Hydrological Models
REDD-Literaturstudie Übersicht Satelliten-gestützter Fernerkundungsverfahren zur Unterstützung des UN-REDD Programms
RESA Rapideye Science Archive Project for the DUE PF Project Project No. 275 - High Resolution Water Body and Vegetation Mapping for Permafrost Degradation Modelling as Part of ESAs DUE Permafrost Project
RESA Rapideye Science Archive Project OILSPILL Project No. 472 - multitemporal large scale oilspill mapping in West Siberia
RESA Rapideye Science Archive Project SENDAI Project No. 483 - Change Signature Analysis for Rapid Mapping Concepts of Tsunami Flooded Coastal Areas
SARvanna SAR Mapping of Vegetation Structure in the African Savanna
SIBERIA SAR Imaging for Boreal Ecology and Radar Interferometry Applications
SIBERIA II Multi-Sensor Concepts for Greenhouse Gas Accounting of Northern Eurasia
SIB-ESS-C Siberian Earth System Science Cluster
SibFORD Earth Observation for Assessment of Forest Disturbances induced Carbon Emissions in Central Siberia
Sib-Lab The Central Siberian Global Change Laboratory
TERRADEW Investigations about the Temporal Effects of Dew on Multifrequency and Multipolarimetric DLR E-SAR Radar Backscatter Signals
Terra SAR-L Demonstration of L-Band Capabilities using JERS SAR data
Urban Growth Modelling in Brasilia Urban Growth Modelling in Brasilia using the SLEUTH cellular growth model: in cooperation with UFZ Leipzig
Vanuatu Forests Vanuatu Forests: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation
ZAPAS Assessment and Monitoring of Forest Resources in the Framework of the EU-Russia Space Dialogue


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