Langtang Valley, Nepal.

Sudip Acharya

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / Research Associate
Langtang Valley, Nepal.
Foto: Sudip Acharya
Sudip Acharya
Wiss. Mitarbeiter
Lehrstuhl Physische Geographie
Sudip Acharya
Raum 214
Löbdergraben 32
07743 Jena
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Human — environment interaction during the last millennium

Video: Sudip Acharya

Online-Presentation from the 36th Congress of the International Society of Limnology in Berlin:

  • Acharya, S., P. Strobel, L. Langhans, P. Frenzel, M. Bliedtner, M. Prochnow, C. Berndt, T. Kasper, A. Schwalb, R. Zech: Human – environment interaction during the last millennium: A multi-proxy sediment record from Lake Höglwörth, Bavaria. Presentation.
  • Short CV

    since 01/2021 - PhD student at the Institute of Geography, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany

    09/2017 to 06/2020 - M.Sc. in Physical geography, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

    • Thesis title: Influences of recent climate changes and human activities on lake environments in the central Nepal

    10/2012 to 08/2017 - B.Sc. in Environmental Science, Tribhuvan University (Nepal)

    • Project work title: Contribution of the roof top farming to maintain environment: case study of Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Research Focus and Projects

    Quaternary climate evolution, Indian summer monsoon, lipid biomarkers, compound specific isotopic analysis (leaf wax δ2H, sugar δ18O)

    Affiliated Project: DFG-Project "Geo-ecosystems in Transition on the Tibetan Plateau" (TransTipExterner Link)

  • Conference Contributions

    Acharya, S., Bliedtner, M., Strobel, P., Sperling, J., Kasper, T., Zech, M., Zech, R. Last millennium hydroclimate variability from Lake Höglwörth, Bavaria, Germany., Annual conference of stable isotopes, Germany, 26-29 September 2021 (poster and oral presentation)

    Acharya, S., and Hou, J., Influence of recent climate change and human activities in central Nepal lakes, China conference on geography, Beijing, China, 1-3 November 2019 (oral presentation)

  • Publications


    Acharya, S., M. Prochnow, T. Kasper, L. Langhans, P. Frenzel, P. Strobel, M. Bliedtner, G. Daut, C. Berndt, S. Szidat, G. Salazar, A. Schwalb, R. Zech: A 1000-year multi-proxy paleoenvironmental record from Lake Höglwörth, Bavaria, Germany. submitted to E&G Quaternary Science Journal.


    Acharya, S., 2020b. Land use and land cover changes in the catchments impact the ecosystem in Phewa, Begnas, and Rupa lakes, Nepal. Journal of Nepal Geological Society, v. 60, pp. 195-205. DOI: Link

    Acharya, S., Li, C.-G., Ji, K., Sun, Z., Wang, M., Hou, J., 2020a. Lacustrine Record of 1954 Flood Event on Begnas and Rupa Lake, central Nepal. Acta Geologica Sinica (English edition), v. 94(3), pp. 717-724. DOI: Link