Prof. Dr. Christiane Schmullius

Christiane Schmullius, Prof. Dr.
C. Schmullius
JenTower, Raum Süd, 26. Etage
Leutragraben 1
07743 Jena

Major Research Interests

Application of operational and experimental Earth observation sensors in the optical, thermal and microwave domains (with a focus on radar) for geoscientific applications. Special expertise is on global satellite monitoring concepts for land surface analyses to support climate change topics. As former expert for e-infrastructures to the German Future Earth Committee, interests also concern big data handling from the Sentinel-satellites and in situ networks.

Curriculum Vitae Eintrag erweitern
  • Since 2006
    W3-Professorship, Chair - Department for Earth Observation, Institute of Geography, Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
  • 2005-2008
    Director of the Institute of Geography, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
  • 2000-2005
    C3-Professor for Remote Sensing at the Geoinformatics Department, Institute of Geography, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
  • 1996-2000
    Group Leader "Geomatics" at DLR Institute of High Frequency Technology and DLR Project Scientist for the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM)
  • 1994-1996
    DLR Science Team Lead of the Mission Operations Team for the two spaceshuttle missions "SIR-C/X-SAR"
  • 1991-1994
    Postdoc Research Assistant, DLR - Institute of High Frequency Technology
  • 1991
    Ph.D., Institute of Space Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  • 1988-1991
    Research Assistant, Institute of Space Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  • 1986-1988
    Research Assistant, Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 1986
    Master of Arts, Remote Sensing Laboratory, Department of Geography, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
  • 1984-1986
    Fulbright-Fellowship plus additional 2-year ITT International Fellowship
  • 1983
    DAAD Travel Support, Internship at Redwood National Park, California


  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geoinformation
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung
  • IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • Thüringer Geographische Gesellschaft
  • Deutscher Hochschulverband
  • Collegium Europaeum Jenense
  • Fulbright Alumni
  • UCSB Alumni


  • German: native speaker
  • English: read-write-speak excellent
  • Russian:  read good, write fair, speak good
  • Italian:  read good, write fair, speak fair
  • French, Spanish: read good, write slight, speak slight
  • Latin: Advance Proficiency "Latinum" (High School Degree)
Current Projects Eintrag erweitern

Strategies & Standards

  • JAXA K&C
    ALOS Kyoto & Carbon Initiative
  • GFOI
    Global Forest Observations Initiative
  • NASA/ESA Intern. Coord. Spaceborne SAR


  • CCI Biomass
    Climate Change Initiative
  • Forest DRAGON-4
    Project Wall-to-Wall Foest Mapping and Change Monitoring in China with Radar Remote Sensing ESA
    Exploration of Ecological Interactions with Molecular and Chemical Techniques
  • Radar Crop Monitor

Regional Demonstrators


    Balancing biOdiversity conservatioN with Development in Amazon wetlandS

South Africa

  • EMSAfrica
    Ecosystem Management Support for Climate Change in South Africa
  • SALDi
    South African Land Degradation Monitor
  • Kruger National Park

DLR Jena Cooperation

Concluded Projects Eintrag erweitern
  • 2017 - 19 Coordinator
    BioFor: Forest Monitoring in Cooperation with the Forest and Cartographic Agencies of Poland (BMBF)
  • 2017 - 18 Coordinator
    SAR EDU MOOC: Development of a Massive Open Online Course for the SAR Remote Sensing Education Initiative ESA View
  • 2016 - 19 Coordinator
    Sen4REDD: Entwicklung von integriertem multi-temporalen Prozessierungsketten basierend auf Sentinel-1 und -2 für die Unterstützung von UNFCCC REDD+ MRV Systemen DLR/BMWi View
  • 2016 - 18 Coordinator
    PhaenOpt: Phänologische App-Entwicklung zur Untersuchung des Klimawandels in Thüringen DLR/BMWI View
  • 2015 - 18 Partner
    SWOS Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service EU View
  • 2015 - 18 Partner
    BACI Towards a Biosphere Atmosphere Change Index EU View
  • 2015 - 17 Coordinator
    GlobBiomass Provision od improved biomass maps at regional and global scale by integration od user requirements from Science, Policy and Forest Industry ESA View
  • 2014 - 16 Partner
    Ars Africae: Adaptive Resilience of Southern African Acosystems BMBF View
  • 2013 - 16 Coordinator
    EO-LDAS-App: Application of the EO-LDAS Lands Data Assimilation System Prototype and Data Base to Prepare Sentinel-2 Assimilation DLR/BMWI View
  • 2013 - 16 Partner
    Wald-Biomasse: Entwicklung von missionsübergreifenden Verfahren zur Modellierung der Kapazität von Wäldern zur Biomasseproduktion DLR/BMWi View
  • 2013 - 14 Coordinator
    TerraSensE: Terrestrische Sensorik für hochaufgelöste Analytik von Erdoberflächenprozessen TMBWK View
  • 2012 - 17 Partner
    Helmholtz-Allianz "Remote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics" DLR View
  • 2012 - 17 Partner
    BexIS++: Biodiversity-Exploratories Information System DFG View
  • 2012 - 17 Coordinator
    SAR-EDU: SAR Remote Sensing Education Initiative DLR/BMWi View
  • 2012 - 16 Partner
    LC-CCI: Essential Climate Variable Landcover - Contribution of ASAR Data to Urban and Water Body Mapping ESA View
  • 2012 - 15 Partner
    EuRuCas: European-Russian Centre for cooperation in the Arctic and Sub‐Arctic environmental and climate research EU View
  • 2011 - 15 Coordinator
    ZAPÁS: Assessment and Monitoring of Forest Resources in the Framework of the EU-Russian Space Dialogue EU View
  • 2010 - 15 Partner
    GIONET: GMES Initial Operations - Network for Earth Observation Research Training EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network View
  • 2010 - 14 Partner
    INFLUINS: Integrierte Fluiddynamik in Sedimentbecken. Prozesse, Potenziale, Risiken TMBWK View
  • 2010 - 13 Partner
    Graduiertenschule Bildverarbeitung: Segmentierung in der Fernerkundung, Thüringer Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur (TMBWK).
  • 2009 - 13 Coordinator
    BIOMASAR-1/-2: Forest Biomass Mapping with hyper-temporal ASAR Global Monitoring data in Siberia, Sweden and Quebec/ BIOMASAR-2: … of the Northern Hemisphere ESA
  • 2009 - 13 Coordinator
    SARvanna: SAR-Mapping of Savanna Vegetation Structure in Kruger National Park, SA BMBF/NRF/KNP/ESA
  • 2008 - 13 Coordinator
    FRA-SAR-1/-2: TerraSAR-X support to the UN FAO Forest Resource Assessment 2010 DLR/BMWi View
  • 2006 - 15 Coordinator
    SIB-ESS-C: Siberian Earth System Science Cluster View
  • 2012 Coordinator
    Sib-Lab: The Central Siberian Global Change Laboratory View
  • 2011 Partner
    EO-LDAS: Earth Observation for Land-System Data Assimilation ESA View
  • 2011 Partner
    DUE Permafrost: Establishment of a satellite-based monitoring system ESA View
  • 2011 Partner
    ENVILAND-1/-2: Investigation of Envisat ASAR and MERIS data, BMBF View ENVILAND-1 View ENVILAND-2
  • 2010 Coordinator
    RadarCover-1/-2: GMES Sentinel-1 Analysis of Multi-Temporal Land Cover Observation at C-Band ESA
  • 2010 Coordinator
    ESA GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Project Office (Global Observations of Forest and Land Cover Dynamics) View
  • 2010 Coordinator
    FRA-SAR: Global Forest Resource Assessment with Synthetic Aperture Radar View
  • 2008 Coordinator
    IRIS: Irkutsk Regional Information System for Enviromental Protection EU INCO View
  • 2008 Coordinator
    SibFORD: Earth Observation for Assessment of Forest Disturbances induced Carbon Emissions in Central Siberia EU View
  • 2008 Partner
    GSE Forest Monitoring, ESA GMES Service Element Project for Russia ESA View
    GSE Forest Monitoring in Russia Stage II View
  • 2006 Partner
    AGRISAR Campaigns 2006 ESA View
  • 2006 Partner
    AQUIFER Wetland Monitoring in Northern Africa ESA View
  • 2005 Coordinator
    SIBERIA-II Multi-Sensor Concepts for Greenhouse Accounting of Northern Eurasia (EU) View
  • 2005 Partner
    FEMINE (Forest Environmental Monitoring in Northern Eurasia), ESA-IAF (International Astronautical Federation) project for cooperation with Russia and Ukraine View
  • 2004 - 16 Coordinator
    Forest DRAGON-1/-2/-3: Project Wall-to-Wall Forest Mapping and Change Monitoring in China with Radar Remote Sensing ESA View
  • 2004 Partner
    TerraSAR-L, Satellite Feasibility Study for future ESA Missions DLR View
  • 2004 Coordinator
    Innovative Remote Sensing Techniques for Forest Mapping in Mongolia UN FAO View
  • 2004 Coordinator
    GMES-RUSSIA: Establishing a Thematic Network in Russia for Priority Themes A, B, C and E for GMES Strand 2 Assessment Activities EU GMES Global Monitoring for Environment and Security View
  • 2003 Coordinator
    TerraDew: Investigations about the Temporal Effects of Dew on Multifrequency and Multipolarimetric DLR E-SAR Radar Backscatter Signals, BMBF View
  • 2003 Coordinator
    Carbon-3D: Global biomass mapping, combination Lidar with BRDF imager systems in cooperation with JenaOptronik GmbH View
  • 2002 Coordinator
    INTAS Establishment of an Ecological Monitoring System for Lake Baikal EU View
  • 2001 Partner
    European Radar-Optical Research Assemblage (ERA-ORA) EU
  • 2001 Partner
    Feasibility Study for a P-Band Satellite ESA
  • 2000 Coordinator
    SAR Imaging for Boreal Ecology and Radar Interferometry Applications - SIBERIA, EU Environment and Climate, Center for Earth Observation Program View
  • 2000 Coordinator
    ERS-data for SIBERIA-Project (560 Frames) ESA 3rd ERS AO View
  • 2000 Partner
    Airborne Radar Campaigns "Morphodynamik der Elbe" BMBF
  • 1999 Coordinator
    Methane-Emission in Siberian Wetlands DAAD ARC
  • 1998 Contractor
    Airborne Radar Campaigns for Rhine Flood Bundesanstalt Gewässerkunde
  • 1996 Partner
    DARA Next Generation SAR Instrument Study
  • 1996 Partner
    Optik-SAR Synergy Study, ESA ESTEC
  • 1995 Co-Investigator
    ERS Windscatterometer Study for Land Applications, ESA ESTEC
  • 1995 Partner
    MAC Europe Airborne Radar Campaigns ESA ESTEC
  • 1993 Partner
    CLEOPATRA Cloud Cover Experiment Oberpfaffenhofen DLR
  • 1991 Coordinator
    Airborne Radar Campaign LOTREX HIBE (Landoberflächenexperiment) BMBF
  • 1988 Coordinator
    Regional Landsat Thematic Mapper Land Use Classification Umweltministerium Baden Württemberg
Publications Eintrag erweitern


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Reviewer for the following scientific journals:

  • IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • Remote Sensing of Environment
  • Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing
  • ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Geophysical Research Letters
  • Remote Sensing
  • International Journal of Remote Sensing
Supervised Habilitations and Dissertations Eintrag erweitern

(Ca. 50 Master and 80 Bachelor Theses have been supervised, which are not listed.)

  • Habilitations


Dr. rer. nat. Christian Thiel (Geography, University Jena)
Radarfernerkundung über Wald (View)


Dr. rer. nat. Soeren Hese (Geography, University Jena)
Räumlich hochauflösende Erdbeobachtungsdaten im Landoberflächenmonitoring -Entwicklung objektbasierter Konzepte und Methoden (View)


Dr. rer. nat. Martin Herold (Geography, University Jena)
Building saliency, legitimacy, and credibility towards operational global and regional land cover observations and assessments (View)


Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Braun (Geography, University Bonn)
Spaceborne SAR Remote Sensing for Environmental Applications


Dr. rer. nat. Volker Hochschild (Geography, University Jena)
Die  Integration  hochauflösender  Fernerkundungsdaten  für  die physiographische    Parameterisierung    von    Wasser- und Stofftransportmodellen - Fallbeispiele aus Thüringen und dem südlichen Afrika

  • Dissertations


Jenia Singh (M.Tech., Co-supervision with MPI f. Biogeochemie, Jena)
Advancing savanna structural characterization at multiple scales for enhanced ecological insights


Victor Odipo (MSc)
Spatio-temporal and structural analysis of vegetation dynamics of Lowveld Savanna in South Africa

Mikhail Urbazaev (MSc Geoinformatik)
Estimation of forest structure parameters in Mexico by integration of remote sensing and forest inventory data (View)

Jonas Eberle (MSc Geoinformatik)
Web service-based exploration of earth observation time-series data for analyzing environmental changes (View)

Marcus Bindel (MSc Geoinformatik)
Entwicklung einer übertragbaren, synergistischen Methode zur Kartierung von Biotoptypen anhand von hochauflösenden optischen und Radar-basierten Daten (View)


Maxim Chernetskiy (M.Eng. Informatics)
Retrieving spectral and biophysical parameters of land vegetation by the Earth Observation Land Data Assimilation System


Christian Berger (MSc Geoinformatik)
Fusion of High Spatial Resolution Multispectral & Object Height Data for Urban Environmental Monitoring (View) 


Michael Voltersen (MSc Geoinformatik)
Integrated analysis of urban structure types and land surface temperatures utilizing remote sensing data and methods

Martin Thurner (Co-Supervision with University Stockholm)
Carbon stock and carbon turnover of boreal and temperate forests

Ralph Adeyinka Adewoye (MSc Forest Resources Management)
Afromontane Forest Ecosystem Studies with Multi-Source Satellite Data


Michael Schlund (MSc Geoinformatik, Co-Supervision with Airbus Defense/Infoterra)
Utilization  of  bistatic  TanDEM-X  data  to  derive  land  cover information

Matthias Forkel (MSc Geoinformatik, Co-Supervision with MPI f. Biogeochemie, Jena)
Controls  on  global  Greening,  Phenology  and  the  Enhanced Seasonal CO2   Amplitude -Integrating   Decadal   Satellite Observations and Global Ecosystem Models

Nesrin Salepci (MSc-Ing.)
Multi-Sensor Synergy  for  Persistent  Scatterer  Interferometry-based Ground Subsidence Monitoring (View)


Marcel Urban (MSc Geoinformatik)
Multi-Scale Earth Observation of the Arctic Environment A Pan-Arctic Climate and Trend Analysis for the Last Decades (View)

Frank Thonfeld (Dipl.-Geogr)
The Impact  of  Sensor  Characteristics  and  Data Availability  on Remote Sensing Based Change Detection


Nicolas Ackermann (Dipl.-Ing.)
Growing  Stock  Volume  Estimation  in  Temperate  Forested Areas using a Fusion Approach with SAR Satellites Imagery"

Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury (MSc-Ing.)
Evaluation of the Potential of ALOS PALSAR L-band Quadpol Radar  Data  for  the  Retrieval  of  Growing  Stock  Volumen  in Siberia

Jeannine Engelbrecht (MSc Co-supervision with University of Cape Town, South Africa) Parameters affecting interferometric coherence and implications  for  long-term  operational  monitoring  of  mining-induced surface deformation

Michael Thiel (Dipl.-Umweltwiss., Co-supervision with Universität Würzburg)
Nutzung  von  Texturinformationen  hochaufgelöster  SAR-Daten zur Beschreibung von Siedlungsflächen

Dipl.-Geol. Nadine Seib (Dipl.-Geol.)
Verwendung von Digitalen Geländemodellen und Fernerkundung für strukturgeologische und geomorphologische Fragestellungen"


Valerio Avitabile (Dipl.-Forstwiss.)
Optical Remote Sensing for Biomass Estimation in the Tropics: The Case Study of Uganda

Michael Schäfer (Dipl.-Geol., Co-supervision with Universität Clausthal-Zellerfeld)
Atmosphäre als Phasenbestandteil der differentiellen Radarinterferometrie  und  ihr  Einfluss  auf  die  Messung  von Höhenänderungen

Wafi Al-Fares (Dipl.-Geogr.)
Historical  Land  Use/Land  cover  Classification  and  its  Change Detection  Mapping  Using  Different  Remotely  Sensed  Data from  LANDSAT  (MSS,  TM  and  ETM+)  and  Terra  (ASTER) Sensors. A Case  Study  of  the  Euphrates  River  Basin  in  Syria with Focus on Agricultural Irrigation Projects.

Anna Görner (Dipl-Geoökol., Co-supervision with MPI f. Biogeochemie, Jena)
Improving  data-oriented  light-use  efficiency  models  of  gross primary productivity with remotely sensed spectral indices


Dhanya-lekshmi K. Pillai (MSc Physics, M.Tech (Ocean Tech), MPI f. Biogeochemie, Jena)
Mesoscale  simulations  and  inversions  of  atmospheric  CO2 using airborne and ground-based data

Bakr Badawy (MSc Meteorology, MPI f. Biogeochemie, Jena)
Quantifying  carbon  processes  of  the  terrestrial  biosphere  in  a global  atmospheric  inversion  based  on  atmospheric  mixing ratio, remote sensing and meteorological data

John Richard Otukei (University Salzburg, Austria)
Analysis  of  the  potential  of  multipolarimetric  SAR  and  optical data  for  land  cover  mapping -A  case  study  of  the  Bwindi Impenetrable National Park-Uganda


Mihai Tanse (Co-supervised Ph.D., Univ. Zaragoza, Spain)
SAR Sensitivity  to  Burn  Severity  and  Forest  Regrowth  in Mediterranean Environments -Backscatter and Interferometric Coherence Analysis

Oliver Cartus (Ph.D.)
Large  Area  Forest  Stem  Volume  Mapping  Using  Synergy  of Spaceborne    Interferometric    Radar    and    Optical    Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Northeast China


Lorenzo  Bigagli  (Co-supervised Ph.D., Univ. Basilicata, Italy)
Study  on  advanced  geomatics  services  to  support  GMES applications in Spatial Data Infrastructures


Thomans Wutzler (Co-supersived Ph.D., MPI f. Biogeochemie, Jenav)
Projecting  the  carbon  sink  of  managed  forests  based  on standard forestry data

Birgit Schröder (Co-supervised Ph.D., PIK Potsdam)
Spatial and temporal dynamics of the terrestrial carbon cycle. Assimilation  of  two  decades  of  optical  satellite  data  into  a process-based global vegetation model

Thilo Wehrmann (Co-supervised Ph.D., DLR)
Automatisierte Klassifikation von Landnutzung durch Objekterkennung am Beispiel von CORINE Land Cover

Daniela Knorr (Ph.D.)
Spatial   Modelling   of   Greenhouse   Gas   Compartments   for improved Full Carbon Accounting in Boreal Ecosystems


Birgit Heim (Co-supervised Ph.D., GFZ Potsdam)
Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of Lake Baikal’s Surface Waters Using Ocean Colour Satellite Data


Christian Beer (Ph.D.)
Klimatische   Ursachen   der   Entwicklung   der   Biomasse   der Wälder  Russlands  von  1981  bis  1999 -Eine  Analyse  mittels eines    an    die    boreale    Zone    angepassten    und    durch Satellitenprodukte beschränkten dynamischen globalen Vegetationsmodells

Guido Grosse (Co-supervised Ph.D., UA Fairbanks, USA)
Characterisation  and  evolution  of  periglacial  landscapes  in Northern   Siberia   during   the   Late   Quarternary -Remote sensing and GIS studies


Christian Thiel (Ph.D.)
Extrahierung hydrologisch relevanter Parameter aus hochaufgelösten polarimetrischen L-Band sowie interferometrischen X-Band SAR-Daten

Leif Eriksson (Dipl.-Ing., Ph.D.)
Satellite-Borne  L-Band  Interferometric  Coherence  for  Forestry Applications in the Boreal Zone2003Dipl.-Ing. Maurizio Santoro (Ph.D.)Estimation  of  Biophysical  Parameters  in  Boreal  Forests  from ERS and JERS SAR Interferometry

Bernd Schieche (Dipl.-Geogr., Ph.D.)
Möglichkeiten   der   Abgrenzung   intensiver   und   extensiver Landnutzung mittels multitemporaler ERS-Radaraufnahmen in einem mitteleuropäischen Testgebiet


Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Scipal (Co-supervised Ph.D.,TU Vienna, Austria)
Global Soil Moisture Retrieval from ERS Scatterometer Data


Klaus Bongartz (Dipl.-Geogr., Co-supervised Ph.D.,Dept. Geoinformatics)
Untersuchung  unterschiedlicher Flächendiskretisierungs-und Modellierungs-konzepte für die hydrologische Modellierung am Beispiel Thüringer Vorfluter

Volker Hochschild (Dr. rer. nat., Habilitation)
Die  Integration  hochauflösender  Fernerkundungsdaten  für  die physiographische Parametrisierung von Wasser-und Stofftransport modellen -Fallbeispiele aus Thüringen und dem südlichen Afrika

Irena Hajnsek (Dipl.-Geogr., Ph.D.)
Inversion of Surface parameters using Polarimetric SAR

Dorothe Herpertz (Dipl.-Geogr., Co-sup. Ph.D., Dept. Geoinf.)
Schneehydrologische Modellierung im Mittelgebirgsraum

Helmut Staudenrausch (Dipl.-Geogr., Co-supervised Ph.D., Dept. Geoinformatics)
Untersuchungen zur hydrologischen Topologie von Landschaftsobjekten für die distributive Flussgebietsmodellierung

Ina Franke-Scharf (Dipl.-Geogr., Co-supervised Ph.D., Geography-Uni Franfurt/M) Landschafts-und   Landnutzungswandel im nigerianischen Tschadbecken -Qualitative und quantitative räumliche Analysen durch Auswertung multitemporaler und multisensoraler Fernerkundungsdaten im    Rahmen    eines regionalen geographischen Informationssystems

Jena, June 14th 2020

Panels & Awards Eintrag erweitern



  • Nomination to the BMBF SPACES Steering Committee (Science Partnerships for the Adaptation to Complex Earth System Processes in the Southern Africa)

  • Re-election to the TERENO Advisory Board, the Helmholtz Agency’s Terrestrial Environmental Observatories





  • Nomination to the Science Advisory Board by the Indonesian Government and the Packard Foundation for the Indonesian Peat Prize

  • Re-election to DLR’s Senate and as Chair of DLR’s Senate Committee



2012 - 2016

2011 - 2014


since 2009

  • Appointment as Lead of the new GOFC-GOLD Working Group "Biomass" (Global Observation of Forest Cover and Global Observation of Land Dynamics), a panel of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

2007 - 2011

  • Appointment to the Earth Science Advisory Committee (ESAC) to the Earth Observation Director of the European Space Agency

2006 - 2012

  • Nomination as Earth Observation Specialist to the Space Advisory Group (SAG) of the European Commission for the Framework Programs 7 and 8

2004 - 2010

  • Nomination as Earth Observation Expert to the European Space Science Council (ESSC) of the European Science Foundation (ESF)

2003 - 2009

  • Appointment as Co-Chair of the Land Cover Implementation Team for GOFC/GOLD (Global Observation of Forest Cover and Global Observation of Land Dynamics, a panel of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (UN FAO) Global Terrestrial Observation System (GTOS))


  • Expert Evaluator for the Helmholtz-Society evaluation of GFZ`s "Changing Earth" Programme (Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam)

  • Expert Evaluator for the 6th Framework Programme calls on Global Change and Ecosystems, Integrated Projects

2002 - 2008

  • Appointment to DLR's "Programmkommission Raumfahrt"


  • Expert Evaluator for the Helmholtz-Society evaluation of DLR's Space Programme

  • Expert Evaluator for the 5th Framework Programme calls on Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES)

  • Appointment as IHDP-LUCC representative for the Expert Meeting on Harmonizing Forest-related Definitions at UN FAO


  • Expert Evaluator for the 5th Framework Programme calls on Global Change, Climate and Biodiversity

  • Evaluator for NASA's Research Announcement "Carbon Cycle Science and Related Opportunities in Biology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems and Applications"

  • Appointment to the Scientific Advisory Panel "ALOS Kyoto & Carbon Initiative" of the Japanese Space Agency's (NASDA's) Earth Observation Research Center