Dr. Sophie Biskop

Research and teaching associate
Sophie Biskop, Dr
Research and teaching associate
Sophie Biskop
Image: Sophie Biskop
JenTower, Room 26N04, 26. Stock
Leutragraben 1
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My research interests focus on advances in the process-related understanding of climate change impacts on the hydrology in high mountain regions (Alps, Tibetan Plateau, Himalaya, Andes). My research contributes to a better understanding of the spatiotemporal hydro-climatological patterns and water balance changes at a catchment-through-regional scale. The research approach combines statistical hydro-climatological time series analysis, geospatial data analysis (GIS and remote sensing), field surveys and hydrological catchment modeling.

  • Key research areas
    • Atmosphere-cryosphere-hydrosphere-biosphere interactions in high alpine environment systems (Alps, Tibetan Plateau, Himalaya, Andes).
    • Climate change effects on glacio-hydrological systems
    • Further development and adaption of the Jena Adaptable Modelling Systems (JAMS) for hydro-meteorological model applications in high alpine areas
  • Teaching

    I teach courses related to geographical information systems and spatial analysis, to bachelor and master students, and prospective high school teachers at the Department of Geography.