Felix Bachmann

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Felix Bachmann
Wiss. Mitarbeiter
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Felix Bachmann
Foto: Felix Bachmann
JenTower, Raum 26N09
Leutragraben 1
07743 Jena Google Maps – LageplanExterner Link
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  • Curriculum vitae
    • Since 11/2023
      Research assistant in the AgriSens-DEMMIN 4.0 project at the
      Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
    • 11/2020 - 10/2023
      Studies of remote sensing and geoinformatics at the Friedrich-Schiller-University
    • 10/2017 - 10/2020
      Studies of geography at the Friedrich-Schiller-University
  • Research Interests
    • Optical Earth Observation data
    • UAV and LiDAR point cloud processing
    • Agricultural monitoring
    • Time series analysis and visualization of earth observation data 
    • Land use and land cover dynamics
  • Publications



    • Dietenberger, S., Mueller, M. M., Bachmann, F., Nestler, M., Ziemer, J., Metz, F.,
      Heidenreich, M. G., Koebsch, F., Hese, S., Dubois, C. & Thiel, C. (2023). Tree Stem
      Detection and Crown Delineation in a Structurally Diverse Deciduous Forest
      Combining Leaf-On and Leaf-Off UAV-SfM Data. Remote Sensing, 15(18), 4366.
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    • Mueller, M. M., Dietenberger, S., Nestler, M., Hese, S., Ziemer, J., Bachmann, F.,
      Leiber, J., Dubois, C. & Thiel, C. (2023). Novel UAV Flight Designs for Accuracy
      Optimization of Structure from Motion Data Products. Remote Sensing, 15(17), 4308.
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    • Dietenberger, S., Mueller, M. M., Bachmann, F., Adam, M., Metz, F., Nestler, M., Hese, S. & Thiel, C. (2023). Digital forest inventory based on UAV imagery. 
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    • Dietenberger, S., Müller, M., Markus, A., Bachmann, F., Metz, F., Nestler, M.,
      Germeshausen, P., Born, A., Hese, S. & Thiel, C. (2022). Digital forest inventory by drone: Mapping DBH in UAV data from tree stem shadow features. In ForestSAT 2022, Berlin, Deutschland.
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