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Work Group of Social Geography

Chair: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Simon Runkel
The Ultimate Painting
Image: Clark Richert

The work group of Social Geography at the Institute of Geography in Jena stands for a political and theory-based Social Geography and empirically focuses on contemporary issues of socio-political change. Didactically, the work group intends to open a creative, critical, reflexive and constructivist dialogue with students while discussing and working on recent socio-political issues.

About us

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    Image: Simon Runkel
    Our research Our research is based on the understanding of the dynamization and stabilization of the social geographies of society and community.
  • Unsere Lehre
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    Our teaching We are involved in various phases of the Bachelor's and Master's study programs, supervise heterogenous final theses and discuss the societal change in critical and creative contexts with our students.
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    Our team The social geography team is a creative mix of different perspectives, skills and interests.
  • AtmoCT hat jetzt eine offizielle Webseite:
    Atmospheres of (Counter)TerrorismExternal link You can find more information on our international research project on the official website, bringing together researchers from France, the UK, and Germany.
Junior Professorship for Social Geography

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Junior Professorship for Social Geography
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